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this album was recorded in the basement of my parent's house over the span of 2019 and early 2020. the picture is of my dad.


released January 12, 2020

bennett oliver weaver - everything


all rights reserved



obscenity plugs Kansas City, Missouri

bennett oliver weaver
joe audley
patrick sanders


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Track Name: situation
waking up to another situation
that requires my immediate attention
wonder why i havent heard
from you in a couple of days

you dont write
you dont like me back
i dont need this in my life

laying down in an empty room
too high to be true
wonder why you havent learned
you dont have what you need
Track Name: headache
two blocks left to the bp
tripping hard
took a bar and went to sleep
missed the fun again
you said you'd love me longer
i dont know when
driving home from kentucky
my new car
took a breath and a long drink
cant go on like this
Track Name: apartment
driving home to the apartment
you wanna paint it white
sit on the couch and smoke a joint
you tell me its bad for my health
please just let me be
no it hasnt been well
we cant really tell
we gotta move on, write another song
about how i fucked everything up again
living alone in the apartment
doing speed
dont wanna say that this is home
Track Name: into the darkness
a sunny day washed away
by an evil swept the land to destroy man
we fall into the open sea
another angel from the earth to promise me
from sin that we don't deserve
please promise me that it wont hurt

weve got a lot to give away
write your will, get your fill
into the dark
praying for comfort every day
soon to end, begin again
into the darkness

the darkest cloud washes over
the beach and then the world, evil emerge
we fall into reality
another demon straight from hell to offer me
his chair in return for my soul
this offers getting pretty old
Track Name: new year's eve
i feel my heart beating slow
i throw it in the pot and pray for more
this ecstasy is boring
i dont like what you love so ignore me

i know im not a good person
i know ive still got some learning to do
its not you
you call this a partnership when its already done

i feel the drugs in my blood
i cant get out of bed my legs are numb
dont wanna see whats become of me
laugh it off cause lifes a comedy

i know that youre still hurting
i know that im still turning to see
its not you
you call this a partnership when its already done
Track Name: pay the price
couldnt see the light bleeding
through the clouds
as the ground was shaking
and the world came crashing down

wait you gotta pay the time
this is everybodys night
ill find a nicer place to rest under the sky
ill find a peaceful ending inside my own mind

couldnt feel your heart beating
through your shirt
as our love was fading
and you cant be reassured
Track Name: voicemail
walking by the train tracks
rolling on paperbacks
getting high
to pass the time

its a different world
i dont know how to deal

bless me in my grave
hold me and say my name
the world will end
so spend it with a friend
Track Name: mascot
cutting through my neighbors backyard
he doesnt mind
we do it all the time
wonder what youre up to these days
but i dont mind
weve got our own lifes

plus you dont like me anymore
wasting my time, doing it all the time
wasting love

hopping over the fence
in the middle of the night
we do it all the time
watching you walk under the streetlight
you look so fly
you do all the time

but you dont like me anymore
wasting my time, doing it all the time
wasting love


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